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This year, the most costume-intensive Intercon game for me is, by far, Cirque du Fey. I've been considering how to do my makeup for it, and tried a mockup of that tonight. While I don't think this is especially spoilery, I don't suggest clicking past the link if you're concerned.

Wow, I need to have my laptop keyboard looked at. Still! Pics! )
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Here is a small sampling of people on my friends list who I do not recognize. If you see your name, or the name of someone you know, chime in?

[livejournal.com profile] issendai
[livejournal.com profile] landicine
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TL;DR Version:
One bedroom opening in beautiful apartment in heart of Porter Square. All residents friendly, responsible, fun and geeky! Rent ranges from $650/month to $900/month based on bedroom size, and is up for negotiation. Move-in date some time between July 1 and September 1, possibly with some flexibility if that's helpful! Link to pictures included.

Please feel free to point others at this page! We'd prefer people we know if at all possible.

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Many of you likely already know this, but . . .

Is anyone interested in two tickets to the Jonathan Coulton concert this Friday night at the Paradise? A friend of mine can no longer go due to circumstances beyond her control. The tickets will go to waste otherwise, so you might be able to get in on this for less than you normally would!

(I'll also be there, if'n that's of interest.) Thanks!

Let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.
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I've posted pictures of EB's set of cyberlox on Etsy.
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Edit: [livejournal.com profile] ab3nd has found a subletter. Thanks!

Are you looking for an apartment, or know someone who is?

Is cost-effectiveness important to you? Say, $500 a month without utility split?

Are you looking for ease to public transit, like right on the corner of a frequently running bus line?

Would you enjoy living with a friendly, open-minded, introverted geek?

If so, I have your apartment!

My boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] ab3nd is looking for a housemate to take the place of the grad school/lab subletter as of 2/5 (or as close to that as possible). His place is pretty cool too; it's in Belmont a bit past BCOS for those who know it, right at the corner of a very regularly running bus line. If I was available and he were similarly inclined, I'd consider the space!

Here's a chunk from his Craigslist ad. If you're interested, comment here and I'll put you two in touch. (You can also try to contact him via LJ, but I would not consider that a reliable method.)

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As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I have regularly been receiving alerts about possible links to malware on my friends page. Malware from [sweepstakes*and*contests*info(dot)com, asterisks added to not replicate the original address], to be specific. This time it appeared right at the top, and with a little finagling, I was able to see who has posted since I last checked and didn't receive the malware alert on that page. Those users/journals are:

[livejournal.com profile] davis_square (posts by by [livejournal.com profile] miss_chance and [livejournal.com profile] closetalker11)
[livejournal.com profile] mindways (whose posts I've seen recently and don't seem to be triggering the alert, so likely not him)
[livejournal.com profile] _dragonwolf_
[livejournal.com profile] akiko
[livejournal.com profile] audioboy
[livejournal.com profile] drwex

At present, my suspicion is that it's the Davis Square LJ or, more likely, one of the two posters on it. I'm pretty sure I've seen posts from DragonWolf and AudioBoy without issue, and less sure about Dr. Wex and Akiko.

Just FYI.

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Dec. 10th, 2011 12:21 am
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  • Пт, 00:23: Also: Imma grumpypants at the moment.
  • Пт, 00:26: Blah blah blah whinge whinge whinge want to do all the things.
  • Пт, 00:37: Micro summary: Because of combo of factors, going to talk of major steampunk artist at @ab3nd's lab (and spending time there) can't happen.
  • Пт, 00:41: Not a huge deal, but it sounded cool.
  • Пт, 02:09: . . . or I could look at the Occupy Boston live feed and be reminded that my problems are /incredibly/ trivial.
  • Пт, 02:25: I am aghast with horror. And non-trivially afraid. (Occupy stuff.) http://t.co/vTF0tJwg
  • Пт, 12:24: Blargh? Blargh.
  • Пт, 13:53: Whoa! I seem to have found a group of high level players! "Wanna test experimental potions with us?" XD
  • Пт, 14:51: In other news: If there's a deadline for a thing, it's usually helpful if I know what it is.
  • Пт, 15:00: Neat! http://t.co/WEL70Bos
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  • Чт, 15:17: Ah well. Hope for today to be a quiet day with me being the only person at home during the day failed. Meh.
  • Чт, 15:18: Also: There was another assault of a woman in the Porter area, on Cherry St. I think. Short guy wearing a ski mask, this morning.
  • Чт, 17:44: I has a ridiculous.
  • Чт, 17:55: One of my housemates perpetually talks to himself. I . . . am not sure how to politely ask him to stop.
  • Пт, 09:55: I . . . don't even know. http://t.co/5nOZnOwA
  • Пт, 09:56: Like others, I also really like this: http://t.co/3Dz0TsOK
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Time for a holiday bath product review!

Three Gold Rings
Bubble Bar
Our most luxurious Bubble Bar this Christmas, Three Gold rings shares the rich vanilla fragrance of our Crème Anglais Body Lotion. Named for its three shimmering gold rings, this beauty is a sophisticated bath time treat. With soya milk powder to soften skin, fluffy, cozy bubbles and a delightfully rich fragrance – a mixture of vanilla absolute, sweet orange oil and myrrh, Three Gold rings is pure indulgence– ‘tis the season! The crème de la crème of Bubble Bars. Mounds of richly scented bubbles and golden waters make this a bath fit for royalty. Vanilla absolute (extracted from vanilla beans) gives this one its delightfully comforting fragrance.

In short: This is a Sunny Side bubble bar with even better skin properties, some vanilla and myrrh. And if you like the idea of a Sunny Side which is somewhat more luxurious and more earthy at the same time, great! Three Gold Rings is for you. I love watching the shimmery, swirly gold 'Star Trek transporter' effect in the water, too. Still, I won't miss it overly much if I can only buy Sunny Side. (I do like the mix of scents even better, though.

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Oct. 29th, 2011 09:39 pm
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  • Сб, 02:42: Looking back at last Serendipity PEL and reminding myself what happened around then that caused late PEL may have been a bad idea.
  • Сб, 02:42: In other news , it's been about three months since Major Change. (Which was less than a week before Firefly, which does not surprise me.)
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Huzzah, the Harvard Square Lush has the new winter products! I picked up one of each of the new products (in the class of products I tend to buy - bath bombs and bubble bars) to try out. Hopefully, reviews to follow some time in the near future.

Addendum: Make that most of the new products. I missed Christmas Eve, I just noticed, and Candy Mountain if I consider that sufficiently different from a prior release. More for later!

New Products
Golden Wonder
The Melting Snowman
Three Gold Rings*

* - I may try this one tomorrow!

My tweets

Sep. 29th, 2011 01:30 pm
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  • Wed, 19:08: Long e-mails are long.
  • Wed, 19:08: Now I have more time to get ready to go to Toronto? #silverlining
  • Wed, 19:11: I want to be better about seeing people socially outside of parties additional to: my SOs, my housemates, occasionally @sylentsage.
  • Wed, 19:12: (Much as I like @sylentsage, the main reason he's on this list already is because we're still in Utena viewings.)
  • Wed, 20:06: Hmn. Perhaps it's not the best idea in the world to be poking people trying fervently to make their stuff work where photos are . . .
  • Wed, 21:40: Outfit is coming together.
  • Wed, 21:45: How is it already nearly 10pm?
  • Wed, 23:08: Ok! ~75% packed. Will be getting the car, setting up the GPS, etc. tomorrow.
  • Thu, 00:02: Huh! Sounds like both Starbucks and McDonald's gives you free WiFi. The Sbucks site alludes to 802.11; hopefully this won't cause a snag.
  • Thu, 13:20: Released early with permission to get done more for my trip to Toronto! Huzzah!

My tweets

Sep. 23rd, 2011 12:15 pm
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  • Thu, 13:14: I want to figure out a way to be occasionally attentive to Twitter at work. I miss things otherwise!
  • Thu, 17:04: Aaaaand I'm out! See ya, work week! Imma get a bubble tea on the way home.
  • Thu, 18:15: Minecraft fixed.
  • Fri, 02:39: Sheets read. Sleep time now, for serious.
  • Fri, 02:40: . . . and I just remembered I have an appointment at 11am tomorrow. I r smrt. *facepalm*
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As of a couple hours ago, this post was going to be very different. Now, it's a summary of my Better Business Bureau complaint, and public.

Primary Nature of your Complaint: Failure to honor a repair estimate or agreement

Tell Us About Your Problem:
When All Seasons Home Remodeling came to repair our closet, I outlined the repairs I wished to have made in clear, simple detail. The repairs were as follows: 1) reflooring the closet floor with new, finished/varnished/smooth floorboards, 2) removing the broken wood closet pole supports, 3) adding a sturdy metal pole with supporting metal flanges, and 4) sealing and covering the hole in the ceiling with something waterproofed and professional looking as it looked up into the house insulation. I reviewed these repairs with Gary Mercer, their lead contractor, at the time and had them confirmed.

When one of his supporting contractors, Barry, came to perform the repair, his impression of the work required was quite different. It was confirmed that he received this list of repairs directly from Gary. He believed the repairs were as follows: 1) covering or "patching" the loose and broken floorboards with half inch unfinished plywood, 2) adding a wooden dowel as a closet pole, supported by metal flanges and brackets, and 3) covering the hole in the ceiling with more plywood without any waterproofing. The removal of the broken wood closet pole supports was not addressed.

Over the course of approximately an hour, as each of these discrepancies were made clear, phone calls were made by Barry (the on-site contractor) to Gary (the lead contractor), and by myself to Joannie (the receptionist/admin/dispatcher -- unsure of her formal title) and my landlord. Before I continue, I would like to make it clear that Barry and Joannie themselves acted with the utmost professionalism; Barry started showing me the provided materials and waited to perform work until he would hear from his boss, and Joannie stayed in contact with me throughout and assisted with much of the communication to Gary, offering her profuse apologies. As of the last set of phone calls, Gary was on his way back with a metal closet pole and finished floorboards, and wanted to talk to me briefly before commencing work to make sure we were all on the same page. Barry left to perform work at another site nearby, indicating that he would likely be back once Gary and I had spoken, indicating that the floorboard and closet pole work was "an easy job" and would only take a few hours.

After waiting an hour for Gary to arrive, I called Joannie to find out his estimated time of arrival. She called him to find out and called me back, stating that Gary had declined the job without informing her or me, effectively stating that it was too much hassle and that he didn't think I would be satisfied with the work "with all the changes I wanted," placing the blame for the difference in work expectations solidly on my shoulders. He also added that he had to pay Barry for an hour of work despite him not doing anything, necessitated by him having to wait to receive clear orders from Gary. Joannie was incredibly apologetic and said that she thought Gary -- who she now confided was her brother -- was not behaving appropriately, stating, "Oh, there are things I want to tell him too, believe me." She offered to make one more phone call to persuade him, which I accepted, but called me back to inform me that his decision was, sadly, final.

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Sep. 8th, 2011 12:15 pm
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  • Wed, 17:12: Today . . . could gave gone better. *facepalm*
  • Wed, 17:15: I swear, I should not be allowed to touch anyone's things but my own when I'm having a clumsy day. Aigh.
  • Wed, 17:22: Tangentially related to my day, date tonight has been canceled/postponed due to health reasons. (Everyone is fine.)
  • Wed, 20:28: Cleverbot just told me I have a pretty mouth. I am not joking.
  • Wed, 20:39: http://t.co/tKZ5Eq0 is hySTERical.
  • Wed, 23:51: I am wryly entertained by the idea that, due to governmental changes among others, I might want to move to Canada.
  • Wed, 23:52: In part, because I was pretty solid on not leaving the Boston area when @ab3nd wanted to move to Toronto.
  • Wed, 23:52: Note: I am not really considering this seriously . . . currently.
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(Feel free to forward this on to relevant parties!)


As some of you know, I've been looking for a job. Given the small, interlocking Dunbar's numbers that comprise the Boston geek community, there's a chance that you may know of one. I thought I'd send up a flare and let people know I'm still looking. Assistance would be appreciated, and possibly rewarded with socializing and/or tasty food!

My education (Masters level) is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, though I have not worked in that field for several years. Most of my work experience is in administration, junior-level ad operations, and junior-level production assistance. I could potentially work in some areas of tech support.

My preferred work environments include: the tech sector (especially startups), education (especially university/higher education), and non-profit. I've also greatly enjoyed working in the video game industry. Mostly, my preferred environments have to do with working with intellectually curious and similarly aligned coworkers.

While I welcome comments here to the effect, "I know of something; I'll e-mail you!" I'd prefer the details about a job not posted here directly to avoid comment length. The best e-mail to reach me at regarding job offers or other vocational questions is my professional GMail account; my username is my last name followed by the first letter of my first name.

Thanks in advance!

My tweets

Jul. 24th, 2011 12:00 pm
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  • Sat, 13:35: Wow, my black jeans shorts are nearly sliding off me!
  • Sat, 13:56: As, Boston Tea Shop closed for today. Back to Porter!
  • Sat, 14:05: Trying Tapicha in Porter.
  • Sat, 14:14: Bubble tea get! Could go home, but sooooo tempted to stay here in the AC.
  • Sat, 14:35: I need to dress like a Bond girl on short notice. I am me-shaped. Advise?
  • Sat, 20:58: Sitting in Diesel, waiting to be joined by some peeps.
  • Sat, 22:57: Yep. I am not yet any good at Bananagrams.
  • Sun, 01:26: Holy moly, the acoustic version of Who Can It Be Now? by Colin Hay is EVEN BETTER than the original.
  • Sun, 01:26: Must get Men At Work album.

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Jul. 21st, 2011 12:00 pm
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