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Time for a holiday bath product review!

Three Gold Rings
Bubble Bar
Our most luxurious Bubble Bar this Christmas, Three Gold rings shares the rich vanilla fragrance of our Crème Anglais Body Lotion. Named for its three shimmering gold rings, this beauty is a sophisticated bath time treat. With soya milk powder to soften skin, fluffy, cozy bubbles and a delightfully rich fragrance – a mixture of vanilla absolute, sweet orange oil and myrrh, Three Gold rings is pure indulgence– ‘tis the season! The crème de la crème of Bubble Bars. Mounds of richly scented bubbles and golden waters make this a bath fit for royalty. Vanilla absolute (extracted from vanilla beans) gives this one its delightfully comforting fragrance.

In short: This is a Sunny Side bubble bar with even better skin properties, some vanilla and myrrh. And if you like the idea of a Sunny Side which is somewhat more luxurious and more earthy at the same time, great! Three Gold Rings is for you. I love watching the shimmery, swirly gold 'Star Trek transporter' effect in the water, too. Still, I won't miss it overly much if I can only buy Sunny Side. (I do like the mix of scents even better, though.
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Huzzah, the Harvard Square Lush has the new winter products! I picked up one of each of the new products (in the class of products I tend to buy - bath bombs and bubble bars) to try out. Hopefully, reviews to follow some time in the near future.

Addendum: Make that most of the new products. I missed Christmas Eve, I just noticed, and Candy Mountain if I consider that sufficiently different from a prior release. More for later!

New Products
Golden Wonder
The Melting Snowman
Three Gold Rings*

* - I may try this one tomorrow!
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This is probably my second favorite bath bomb outside of Jingle Spells (one of the other bath bombs only available on the holidays), and they've discontinued it. Permanently. Not, "will only be available during the holidays." Not, "will only be available overseas." Gone. Totally gone.

If I'd known that, I would have purchased something like 20 rather than 5. Perhaps I still can; they're available through mail order still.

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Since some people asked, here's more information on the Lush event going on this Saturday in Harvard Square. Who's interested, again? Sounds like they don't expect people to have to be in couples.

Love to Love You Baby!
Saturday, February 10, 2007, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We’re loving you nationwide on February 10! All our shops are having a "Love to Love You" Valentine's Day party. So you can really feel the love and keep those lips and arms soft and loveable, we're offering interactive demonstrations of our very romantic French Kiss bubble bar, our sensual Soft Coeur massage bar, and our delectable Chocolate Whipstick lip balm. There will be kissing contests for couples AND singles! More Fun Games! We also have some great new Valentine’s Day gifts. Spend $40 and get a free French Kiss bubble bar; spend over $50 and get entered into the raffle for a Think Pink hatbox!

Store Info: Lush Harvard Square | 30 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA | 617.497.5874

E-mail: harvardsquare@lush.com



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