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This year, the most costume-intensive Intercon game for me is, by far, Cirque du Fey. I've been considering how to do my makeup for it, and tried a mockup of that tonight. While I don't think this is especially spoilery, I don't suggest clicking past the link if you're concerned.

Wow, I need to have my laptop keyboard looked at. Still! Pics! )
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Stolen with permission from [livejournal.com profile] captainecchi. Thank you for such an excellent post!

Vestival, a.k.a. Festival of the LARPs 2010, is happening April 16-18, 2010, at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA - and we need you! Vestival is COMPLETELY free, and we can even provide limited crash space to you out-of-towners.

Right now we are suffering from a severe lack of players for many of our games. As a result, the following games are in danger of not running:

League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students - 1M need for min, 3 for preferred; will also accept ladies willing to be crosscast -  Description )

Chateau Ennui - 2M, 4F, 2N needed for min - Description )

Bard of Avalon - 7M, 1F needed for min - Description )

Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar & Girl - 1M, 3N needed for min - Description )

Carry on at Camp David - 3M, 1F, 1N needed for min - Description )

Redemption: High Noon at the Devil's Luck - 5M needed for min - Description )

Two Hours in London - 3F or 1m/2F needed for min - Description )

Post Future Pop Diva Fashion Show & Silent Auction - 7 needed for min - Description )

City Council of Hound's Teeth - 4 needed for min - Description )

Welcome to Sunnyvale - 1F needed for min - Description )

And the following games would prefer more players:

Welcome to Scearbridge - 1M, 2N needed for preferred - Description )

The Road Not Taken - 4 needed for preferred - Description )

The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission - 2M, 1N needed for preferred - Description )

10 Bad LARPs: C-Section - 2 needed for preferred -Description )

(numbers are current as of 3/31/10)

In case you missed the link above: V for Vestival. Sign up today, and help the con be a success!
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My friend [livejournal.com profile] riffling is an out-of-towner and hasn't found himself crash space yet. Anyone have bed or floor space for Intercon I? He's cool, a fun RPer and doesn't bite.

Messages to him, not me.

Thank you!
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I'm going to be (cabin) camping this weekend. Does anyone have a completely cat-free sleeping bag I could borrow?

Addendum: Huge, heaping thanks to those who offered their sleeping bags! In the end, I decided that I've been living -- er, sleeping -- on others' generosity too often, and shelled out for a simple bag.


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