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Edit: [livejournal.com profile] ab3nd has found a subletter. Thanks!

Are you looking for an apartment, or know someone who is?

Is cost-effectiveness important to you? Say, $500 a month without utility split?

Are you looking for ease to public transit, like right on the corner of a frequently running bus line?

Would you enjoy living with a friendly, open-minded, introverted geek?

If so, I have your apartment!

My boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] ab3nd is looking for a housemate to take the place of the grad school/lab subletter as of 2/5 (or as close to that as possible). His place is pretty cool too; it's in Belmont a bit past BCOS for those who know it, right at the corner of a very regularly running bus line. If I was available and he were similarly inclined, I'd consider the space!

Here's a chunk from his Craigslist ad. If you're interested, comment here and I'll put you two in touch. (You can also try to contact him via LJ, but I would not consider that a reliable method.)

Craigslist listing below! )
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(Feel free to forward this on to relevant parties!)


As some of you know, I've been looking for a job. Given the small, interlocking Dunbar's numbers that comprise the Boston geek community, there's a chance that you may know of one. I thought I'd send up a flare and let people know I'm still looking. Assistance would be appreciated, and possibly rewarded with socializing and/or tasty food!

My education (Masters level) is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, though I have not worked in that field for several years. Most of my work experience is in administration, junior-level ad operations, and junior-level production assistance. I could potentially work in some areas of tech support.

My preferred work environments include: the tech sector (especially startups), education (especially university/higher education), and non-profit. I've also greatly enjoyed working in the video game industry. Mostly, my preferred environments have to do with working with intellectually curious and similarly aligned coworkers.

While I welcome comments here to the effect, "I know of something; I'll e-mail you!" I'd prefer the details about a job not posted here directly to avoid comment length. The best e-mail to reach me at regarding job offers or other vocational questions is my professional GMail account; my username is my last name followed by the first letter of my first name.

Thanks in advance!
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As of a handful of days ago -- oddly enough, since about when my Google+ account was suspended, but I don't think the two events are related -- I've been experiencing an odd GChat bug.

No matter what I do, my GChat status lists me as Busy to other people, with absolutely no status message. I can try to change it to any number of statuses in the Available or Busy category, either custom or provided, and it doesn't change what other users see. The only time I'm now listed as available is when my iPhone app IM+ overrides my status and lists me as Available on my phone.

This happens regardless of what machine I'm on, what OS I'm using (as far as I can tell), or what browser I'm using.

The closest thing I've found to a comparable bug is this:


That has more to do with being stuck in Available mode, however. A few days ago I found a thread about being stuck in Busy mode which I can no longer find (and didn't save, sadly) which seemed to indicate that updating one's version of Java would help, leading a Mac user to say that they couldn't use that fix as Apple has its own version of Java. Even so, I've cleared the cache from my browsers and made sure I'm not logged in elsewhere, and it doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have any ideas?
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I'm considering taking voice lessons again. Does anyone have suggestions for someone who:

* doesn't mind teaching someone who learns by ear/doesn't reliably read music
* teaches in a pet-free environment
* isn't terribly hard to get to for someone mostly using the T and living in Camberville
* has a reasonable hourly cost

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My wonderful boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] ab3nd is losing his spiffy housemate some time in the next couple of months (the bedroom will be available between January 1, February 1 and March 1). Rent is $450, not counting utilities. The landlord is pretty chill and understanding, from what I know. The apartment is in Belmont, but pretty conveniently located therein. No pets, sadly, and caution in the communal environment if you spend a lot of time around cats; I'm very allergic.

A thing to note, though I'm not altogether sure of this: Ab3nd is a major introvert. I'm pretty sure he's not looking for someone who's planning on having big social gatherings at the apartment a lot of the time.

More information below the link. Come live with my boyfriend! He's awesome.

(Signal boosting welcome. The more responses to choose from, the better.)

Details on the apartment. )
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Stolen with permission from [livejournal.com profile] captainecchi. Thank you for such an excellent post!

Vestival, a.k.a. Festival of the LARPs 2010, is happening April 16-18, 2010, at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA - and we need you! Vestival is COMPLETELY free, and we can even provide limited crash space to you out-of-towners.

Right now we are suffering from a severe lack of players for many of our games. As a result, the following games are in danger of not running:

League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students - 1M need for min, 3 for preferred; will also accept ladies willing to be crosscast -  Description )

Chateau Ennui - 2M, 4F, 2N needed for min - Description )

Bard of Avalon - 7M, 1F needed for min - Description )

Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar & Girl - 1M, 3N needed for min - Description )

Carry on at Camp David - 3M, 1F, 1N needed for min - Description )

Redemption: High Noon at the Devil's Luck - 5M needed for min - Description )

Two Hours in London - 3F or 1m/2F needed for min - Description )

Post Future Pop Diva Fashion Show & Silent Auction - 7 needed for min - Description )

City Council of Hound's Teeth - 4 needed for min - Description )

Welcome to Sunnyvale - 1F needed for min - Description )

And the following games would prefer more players:

Welcome to Scearbridge - 1M, 2N needed for preferred - Description )

The Road Not Taken - 4 needed for preferred - Description )

The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission - 2M, 1N needed for preferred - Description )

10 Bad LARPs: C-Section - 2 needed for preferred -Description )

(numbers are current as of 3/31/10)

In case you missed the link above: V for Vestival. Sign up today, and help the con be a success!
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All of the mail in my GMail work account is gone, save 10 messages in the Trash.

My chats are still around.

I followed the step-by-step help, with no luck. (I don't forward.)

I looked at account details, and didn't see any suspicious activity as far back as I could see, but it only showed the several times today I tried to access it.



Addendum: Similarly, a whole slew of e-mails in my personal account were in the Trash for no good reason . . . but only a random assortment???
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So! Comcast vs. RCN. If you're a local Boston user, what do you think? We're looking at a TV/phone/Internet bundle?

I've heard two negative reviews of RCN so far, one local and one in NY. I'd love to hear more information in the next day so we can make our decision tomorrow.

(Additional note that Blue Rose has had or heard bad experiences about RCN.)
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My friend [livejournal.com profile] riffling is an out-of-towner and hasn't found himself crash space yet. Anyone have bed or floor space for Intercon I? He's cool, a fun RPer and doesn't bite.

Messages to him, not me.

Thank you!
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Are you an industrial designer that wants an intern? Do you work in a company that might want an industrial design intern? Do you just have contacts in the field? Or, heck, contacts in general that might pan out in that direction?

If so, I/we need your help! :)

We just found out today that [livejournal.com profile] numath needs an industrial design internship for the fall. He is a 2nd year year student (will be "pre-junior" as of the fall) at the University of Cincinnati in Industrial Design. He is experienced with Alias Maya, ZBrush, Alias StudioTools, Solidworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Poser, carpentry, and tailoring.

A link to his resume and portfolio can be found here. (This link is very slightly out of date and will be updated within a few days of this post.)

His school's internship requirements are as follows:
  • related to industrial design (the design of any physical product that isn't a building or clothing)
  • monetary compensation; the internship must be paid
  • a supervisor/boss overseeing his work
  • roughly twelve weeks experience between August 30 and January 5

If you have any leads at all, please forward them on to the e-mail address listed in his portfolio. If you pull this off, I am happy to take you out to dinner or something similarly shiny. Thank you, from he and I!
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Invisible Housemate is likely moving out. Know anyone who's looking for a place to live as of September? Contact us here! (Or, y'know, over e-mail.)

Click here for more details. )
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I'm going to be (cabin) camping this weekend. Does anyone have a completely cat-free sleeping bag I could borrow?

Addendum: Huge, heaping thanks to those who offered their sleeping bags! In the end, I decided that I've been living -- er, sleeping -- on others' generosity too often, and shelled out for a simple bag.
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For a variety of reasons best described by him, my primary [livejournal.com profile] lmpshd has decided to give his wonderful cat, Janos, to a loving home rather than take him overseas to Switzerland. Loving home is key here, which explains why we're trying to reach out to friends and friends of friends rather than randomly posting on Craiglist or something else equally worrisome.

Yes, I'm a cat person. But even compared to other cats, Janos is seriously awesome. He's exceptionally well-tempered and laid-back, in my opinion. He's on the affectionate side without being excessive about it. He's even good with travel! All he needs is a good family.

Hopefully, this is where you come in.

Feel free to direct trusted friends to this post. I'm keeping it public for that reason. Further information can be found past the LiveJournal cut.

Thank you in advance!


My cat Janos (pronounced YAH-nosh), shown in the following photos, is up for adoption by the end of this month.


More about Janos! )
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Time, the second floor apartment I live in, is looking for one more housemate for September 1! Do you know anyone who's still looking? If so, please direct them this way! Rent will likely be around $800/mo.

More information about the apartment below. )
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Addendum: While I appreciate the supportive posts about finding people, I'll be removing them so people skimming don't think there's more interest in the apartment than there actually is.

So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that's looking to move to the Porter Square area. I'm still considering the possibility of staying in this great Porter Square apartment if I can find others amenable; it's a heck of a lot more convenient for me, and this apartment is amazing, especially considering the price.

The place consists of:
- A fairly large living room and dining room connected by two large sliding doors (real wood with a latch built into the walls, not some flimsy add-on job)
- A HUGE kitchen with a recent model gas stove and a dishwasher
- A reasonably well-sized bathroom with new toilet
- Four bedrooms of varying sizes (two on the HUGE end, one on the smallish end, one on the small end)
- A free washer/dryer in the basement
- Plenty of storage space

In addition, the place is run by an astounding landlord who is kind, sane, smart and cares a lot about his tenants. So much so, in fact, that he's offering any group I bring in personally a notable discount on the year's rent (he's keeping it basically the same price we paid last year for us, but raising it for others to make up for a loss in the previous year.) We're an extremely simple seven-minute walk from the T, and that's walking slowly. We're convenient to the 24-hour Shaw's and CVS without feeling like we're living in a shopping complex; we live on a quiet, tree-lined street just off of Elm Street, the first street past the Porter Shopping Mall.

This is all available for the remarkably low (for its area) rent of just over $750.00 per person. (I think the total rent if I stay is something like $3070. If not, it leaps up considerably.)

In addition, if you were to live here you would have use of any of the furniture I already provide as well as a complete entertainment system with PSII, XBox and Wii. I am generally an open-minded, friendly, sociable and geeky person to live with who thinks of herself as being very responsible when it comes to paying bills and pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to cleaning.

But to do this, I'll need to move soon. This place is remarkably underpriced for its area and condition and will likely be rented out from under us in a few weeks. If you're interested, please let me know soon? *smile*

Unfortunately, we cannot take pets or children. I would also prefer no smokers; if you were to live here, you would be requested to smoke outside a bit of a distance from the house, not just on the porches. Whether we have two or three bedrooms available depends on whether [livejournal.com profile] tiurin commits to another location before we find people. If he stays, we have one large and one small bedroom available. If he doesn't, we have one large, one smallish and one small bedroom available.

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Now having ruined three pair of light colored work pants over the years, I figured I'd ask this:

Does anyone know how to get rid of grease streaks on lighter clothes? Every once in a while I'll somehow get grease on the bottoms of my pants (getting in and out of my car, working on my chair today) and it never comes off. Grr.

What I've seen so far is spray with WD-40 and let sit, and then treat like a normal grease stain with dish soap. (See here: http://members.tripod.com/~Barefoot_Lass/grease.html)



Dec. 19th, 2006 03:32 pm
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Has anyone seen my copy of Wicked? I'm wondering if I loaned it out.
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Does anyone know somewhere easy to access via the T that does professional photogrpahy? I'd like to take a nice, normal picture of myself to frame and give to my grandmother for the holidays since she's complained for a while that she doesn't have a current picture of me.
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I didn't believe this until I saw it myself, even when [livejournal.com profile] tikva mentioned something similar on her LJ.

I'm losing posts on my friends page.

I've heard the rumor that if you go above a certain number or so LJ just isn't as good at registering all the posts. Is this true? Is there anything I can do other than cutting down on my friends list? I can go through all my social circles and try to put a filter on them so that if I decide to read by filters I get everything, but that seems like a royal pain.

I noticed it for certain today when I went to someone's LJ page and saw a post made last night that simply isn't showing up on my friends page between now and then.

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Anyone know anything about Midwest Airlines? They seem to be the only airline offering non-stop flights to where I'm going, but I'd like to know a bit about what they're like.


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